Domestic Wiring Training

Short-term courses have been offered at Government Technical High School (Pyay) since the 2015-2016 academic year.

Home Electrical Training Course was held from 1st to 17th week at Government Technical High School(Pyay)Department of Electrical Technology. It is a short one-month course and is taught 24 hours .It teaches the following basic skills related to electrical wiring.

1. Introduction to Electrical Safety and Workplace Safety
2. Basic Concept of Electricity 
3. Electrical Hand Tools & Equipments
4. Multimeter or A.V.Ometer( Analog and Digital)
5. Clamp Meter
6. Neon Tester
7. Conductor, Insulator and Cable
8. Selection of Wire Size
9. Graphic Symbol (IEEE Std 315-1975)
10.Wire Splicing
11. Wiring Accessories
12. Wiring Method and Wiring System
13. One Lamp is Controlled by 1-Way, 1-Gang Switch
14. Three Lamps are Controlled by 1-Way, 3-Gang Switch
15. One Lamp is Controlled by 1-Way, 2-Gang Switch Socket
16. Fluorescent Lamp Circuit
17. Two-way Switch Circuit Control
18. Contruction of Main Switch Board with Change-over Switch
19.Lay Out Point Plan and Tree Circuit or One Line Diagram

We accept 30 trainees per week. There are no qualifications.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion.